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Petrie Island Marina 

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The marina opens onto Petrie Island and its park in eastern Ottawa. It is in fact a group of islands formed from clay and sand, deposited after the last ice age. The first inhabitants of the area were probably the Middle Archaic Indians during the period 6000 BC. The Iroquois and Algonquin later settled there. In colonial times, this was the route used by Aboriginal people and Europeans to travel west. Étienne Brûlé and Samuel de Champlain were the first Europeans to travel by Petrie Island. The Jesuits and fur traders then used it regularly as a route. The Iroquois used it to mount attacks against the Huron. It was in 1800 that the first settlers settled there to raise livestock and work in the wood industry.  

Petrie Island Park is owned by the City of Ottawa and includes the Grandmaitre Ecological Reserve, Stuemer Beach and Al Tweedle Picnic Area. The marina, meanwhile, offers a host of activities for families such as fishing, which is one of the best places to practice this activity in the region. During the winter, ice fishing takes over and you can rent cabins to practice. This is a very popular activity. The availability of various boats will also be the pleasure of the whole family and water sports enthusiasts (canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding, pedal boats, etc. are available for rent). Petrie Island marina is a direct access to a breathtaking natural environment and a diverse fauna. As it is also the gateway to Petrie Island Park, you can enjoy picnic areas, water activities and hiking trails. The marina of Petrie Island is definitely an ideal destination for the whole family, from the biggest to the smallest and will meet the desires of each and everyone. The beauty of the places and the diversity of the activities available will charm you.


1009 Tweddle Road
Ottawa K4A 3P4

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January 1st to March 15th 8am to 5pm

June 1st to September 1st 8am to 8pm

March 16th to May 31st Depending on the weather (call us!)

September 2nd to December 31st Depending on the weather (call us!)